Describes the setup of the Raumfeld System and various configuration options.

  • Setup

    Initial setup or system expansion.
    In order to use Raumfeld, the following requirements/specifications are necessary More
  • Setup-Hilfe FAQ

    Hier finden Sie FAQs zum Thema "Einrichten" Mehr
  • Configuring of devices

    To change the properties of a Raumfeld playback device, first press on the corresponding entry in the detail page of a room under Settings > Room Configuration. More
  • Network analysis

    If you experience music playback interruptions with your Raumfeld system Wi-Fi problems might be the cause. More
  • Network settings

    Under Settings, the network area will allow you to make various adjustments to your network settings. More
  • Reset

    You have the option to reset your Raumfeld system to the factory settings under Settings > Maintenance > Reset. More
  • Configuring of rooms

    In order to play music on a player device it has to be assigned to a room within the Raumfeld system. More
  • Firmware help

    You can quickly and easily save the firmware onto a USB memory device and then reinstall it directly onto the affected Raumfeld device. More